K   I   T       A   L   L   S   O   P   P

A    R    C    H    I    T    E    C    T    U    R    E

V a u x h a l l   C r o s s,  N i n e   E l m s,  L o n d o n   


First Prize winning project in this competition for mixed use development on this Thamesside site. The Project included 1m sq feet of office space, 240 apartments, various retail accommodation, pubs, clubs, gymnasia, etc. The competition was the largest ever launched in the United Kingdom and aroused considerable interest in the national press. Instead of the normal planning approval procedures the project was subject to a Special Development Order which was debated and passed through the Houses of Parliament.

Architectural Review . August 1982
Architects Journal . August 1982
The Times
The Telegraph
The Guardian
The London Evening Standard

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